With Jimmy + Jackie


We offer sound meditations and create an environment where people can relax, and tune in to their own natural awareness. What is a sound meditation? An experience that encourages a state of balance and ease through a combination of active listening, breathing exercises, soothing aromas, and specifically curated instruments. The dynamics of sound have been proven to have therapeutic effects on both the mind and body. It is from this calm yet alert state that our minds are free to think intentionally and creatively.


Jimmy Reed and Jackie Stewart Reed are certified integrative sound and music practitioners based in New York City. With a dedicated interest in the therapeutic properties of sound and meditation, we have been exploring how vibration can impact people on both mental and physical levels. Working with a range of instruments, focused breathwork, and engaging the senses, we invite attention away from distracted thinking, and into self-awareness. Having studied under ethnomusicologist and composer, Alexandre Tannous (Columbia University), our approach is based on the intersection of art, science, and well-being.

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